Both our management and sales force have many people with 'back of house' experience in all aspects of the Foodservice Industry

About Us

Started in 1969 as Canada's first strictly food service brokerage house, IPS has been an industry leader ever since.

IPS is recognized for its integrity, stability and high standards of professionalism.

Mike Driscoll, CEO of IPS, was the first Food Service broker to receive the "We Care Hall of Fame Award". This award recognizes those who have made significant contributions to the growth and development of the foodservice and hospitality industry.

The company is also famous for its "Culinary Centre", a state of the art test kitchen. This is used by customers to work on menu and product development, meetings, photo shoots and training.

Our company - like our Culinary Centre - is dedicated to "Thought for Food." We work hard at developing new menu ideas, recipes and other ways to serve the products we sell.

IPS is well financed and well managed by a top-flight team of managers both in sales and administration. A strong succession plan is in place for the next two generations of managers.



"The Story of the Bull"

After being in the business for 25 years, we still didn't have a logo.

One day my wife Shirley and I were in Carmel, California and I suggested to Shirley we buy a piece of art and copy it for our logo. Great idea she replied and we walked across the street to an antique store and the bull was in the window.

We bought it on the spot and had it shipped home to Vancouver.

We feel the "Bull" represents strength, optimism, aggressiveness, stability and leadership. It has served us well as our logo since 1994.

Mike Driscoll
CEO and Owner