IPS has traditionally had a larger sales force than our competitors. This is still very much the case and our coverage is comprehensive and thorough right across Western Canada.

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    British Columbia,

    Corporate Office

    22111 Fraserwood Way Richmond, British Columbia V6W 1J5

    Phone: 604.273.7035

    Fax: 604.273.6720

    Toll Free Phone: 800.525.5155

    Toll Free Fax: 800.321.7733


    Contact Information

    Laura Driscoll President   ext. 319 laurad@intlpac.com 
    Lalindra Anthony Director of Finance & IT   ext. 311 lalindraa@intlpac.com 
    Blake Davidson Vice President Business Development   ext. 315 blaked@intlpac.com 
    Daren Forster Vice President / Retail Sales Manager   ext. 306 darenf@intlpac.com 
    Colette Bryan Healthcare Specialist   ext. 309 coletteb@intlpac.com 
    Andy Eustis Director, Business Development   ext. 364 andye@intlpac.com 
    Matthew Isaak Senior Sales Representative   ext. 372 matthewi@intlpac.com 
    Sherri Heath Sales Representative   ext. 314 sherri@intlpac.com 
    Kayt Davidson Sales Representative   ext. 318 kaytd@intlpac.com 
    Scott Bierwiler Key Account Manager   ext. 312 scottb@intlpac.com 
    Byron Powell Senior Sales Representative   ext. 376 byronp@intlpac.com 
    Connie Rosendale Senior Sales Representative   ext. 370 connier@intlpac.com 
    Noelene McHugh Sales Representative Bakery   ext. 374 noelenem@intlpac.com 
    Linda Mitchell Fresh Department Specialist   ext. 390 lindam@intlpac.com 
    Christine Pettersen Special Projects Manager   ext. 304 christinep@intlpac.com 
    Charmaine Leaney Executive Assistant   ext. 308 charmainel@intlpac.com 
    Kim Myrhoj Administration Manager   ext. 307 kimm@intlpac.com 
    Beth Wieterman Customer Service Coordinator   ext. 305 bethw@intlpac.com 
    Chandra Kishore Customer Service Representative   ext. 302 chandrak@intlpac.com 
    Ivan Chen Accountant   ext. 310 ivanc@intlpac.com 
    Renee Bertrand Sales Support Assistant   ext. 316 salessupport@intlpac.com 
    Scott Pate Warehouseman   ext. 360 warehouse@intlpac.com 
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    #147 - 4999 43 Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 3N4

    Phone: 403.259.4477

    Fax: 403.253.8178


    Contact Information

    Warehouse   ext. 36  
    John Rebagliati Vice President of Sales, Food Service   ext. 330 johnr@intlpac.com 
    Dan Kelly Key Account Sales Representative   ext. 331 dank@intlpac.com 
    Deb Cygman Senior Sales Representative   ext. 332 debc@intlpac.com 
    Fred Bloom Senior Sales Representative   ext. 333 fredb@intlpac.com 
    Kathryn Lindsay Sales Representative   ext. 334 kathrynl@intlpac.com 
    Rob Payne Sales Support Assistant   ext. 335 cgyadmin@intlpac.com 
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    10625-172nd. Street, NW Edmonton, AB, T5S 1P1

    Phone: 780.454.0748

    Fax: 780.451.2072


    Contact Information

    Marsha Hall Director of Principal Marketing   ext. 340 marshah@intlpac.com 
    Corey Baden Senior Sales Representative Menu Development Specialist   ext. 341 coreyb@intlpac.com 
    Cathy Moore Sales Representative   ext. 342 cathym@intlpac.com 
    Debbie Miniaci Sales Representative   ext. 343 debbiem@intlpac.com 
    Sandy Jacobsen Senior Sales Representative   ext. 344 sandyj@intlpac.com 
    Jorge Aguiar Senior Sales Representative-Northern Alberta   ext. 345 jorgea@intlpac.com 
    Joyce Ronish Sales Support Assistant   ext. 320 edmadmin@intlpac.com 
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    Regina, Saskatchewan

    Phone: 306.789.1660

    Fax: 306.789.5652


    Contact Information

    Michelle Ducie Senior Sales Representative   ext. 350 michelled@intlpac.com 
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    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Phone: 306-244-6600

    Fax: 306-244-6688


    Contact Information

    Heather DaSilva Key Account Specialist   ext. 351 heatherd@intlpac.com 
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    # 2-1329 Niakawa Rd. East Winnipeg, MB. R2J 3T4

    Phone: 204.488.3600

    Fax: 204.488.7410


    Contact Information

    Val Burgess Senior Sales Representative   ext. 361 valb@intlpac.com 
    Doris Banman Sales Representative   ext. 362 dorisb@intlpac.com 
    Jo Ann Reid Sales Support Assistant   ext. 365 wpgadmin@intlpac.com 
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    Associate Broker

    Brand Ignition 28 Mona Lisa Court Hamilton ON L9B 0C5

    Phone: (905) 870-8633


    Contact Information

  • 3958e5fc0cab7312ebb1604c75287066a06615b3


    Associate Broker

    Lexsam Prestige Canada Inc. Suite 200-11800, 54 E Avenue, Montreal, QC, H1E 2J3

    Phone: 514.323.7440

    Fax: 514.323.1419


    Contact Information

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    Maritimes Region

    Associate Broker

    Ronahan Food Brokers Suite 55 10 Akerley Blvd. Darmouth, NS, B3B 1J4

    Phone: 902.468.6111

    Fax: 902.468.6113


    Contact Information