Our Culinary Center is considered one of the best in Canada. It is dedicated to 'Thought for Food' and is the centerpiece of our Presentation of our Principal's Products to our Customers.

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    British Columbia,

    Corporate Office

    22111 Fraserwood Way Richmond, British Columbia V6W 1J5

    Phone: 604.273.7035

    Fax: 604.273.6720

    Toll Free Phone: 800.525.5155

    Toll Free Fax: 800.321.7733


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    Laura Driscoll President   ext. 319 laurad@intlpac.com 
    Lalindra Anthony Director of Finance & IT   ext. 311 lalindraa@intlpac.com 
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    Byron Powell Senior Sales Representative   ext. 376 byronp@intlpac.com 
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    Noelene McHugh Sales Representative Bakery   ext. 374 noelenem@intlpac.com 
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    Christine Pettersen Special Projects Manager   ext. 304 christinep@intlpac.com 
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    Ivan Chen Accountant   ext. 310 ivanc@intlpac.com 
    Renee Bertrand Sales Support Assistant   ext. 316 salessupport@intlpac.com 
    Scott Pate Warehouseman   ext. 360 warehouse@intlpac.com 
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    #147 - 4999 43 Street SE Calgary, AB T2B 3N4

    Phone: 403.259.4477

    Fax: 403.253.8178


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    Warehouse   ext. 36  
    John Rebagliati Vice President of Sales, Food Service   ext. 330 johnr@intlpac.com 
    Dan Kelly Key Account Sales Representative   ext. 331 dank@intlpac.com 
    Deb Cygman Senior Sales Representative   ext. 332 debc@intlpac.com 
    Fred Bloom Senior Sales Representative   ext. 333 fredb@intlpac.com 
    Kathryn Lindsay Sales Representative   ext. 334 kathrynl@intlpac.com 
    Rob Payne Sales Support Assistant   ext. 335 cgyadmin@intlpac.com 
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    10625-172nd. Street, NW Edmonton, AB, T5S 1P1

    Phone: 780.454.0748

    Fax: 780.451.2072


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    Marsha Hall Director of Principal Marketing   ext. 340 marshah@intlpac.com 
    Corey Baden Senior Sales Representative Menu Development Specialist   ext. 341 coreyb@intlpac.com 
    Cathy Moore Sales Representative   ext. 342 cathym@intlpac.com 
    Debbie Miniaci Sales Representative   ext. 343 debbiem@intlpac.com 
    Sandy Jacobsen Senior Sales Representative   ext. 344 sandyj@intlpac.com 
    Jorge Aguiar Senior Sales Representative-Northern Alberta   ext. 345 jorgea@intlpac.com 
    Joyce Ronish Sales Support Assistant   ext. 320 edmadmin@intlpac.com 
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    Regina, Saskatchewan

    Phone: 306.789.1660

    Fax: 306.789.5652


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    Michelle Ducie Senior Sales Representative   ext. 350 michelled@intlpac.com 
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    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    Phone: 306-244-6600

    Fax: 306-244-6688


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    Heather DaSilva Key Account Specialist   ext. 351 heatherd@intlpac.com 
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    # 2-1329 Niakawa Rd. East Winnipeg, MB. R2J 3T4

    Phone: 204.488.3600

    Fax: 204.488.7410


    Contact Information

    Val Burgess Senior Sales Representative   ext. 361 valb@intlpac.com 
    Doris Banman Sales Representative   ext. 362 dorisb@intlpac.com 
    Jo Ann Reid Sales Support Assistant   ext. 365 wpgadmin@intlpac.com 
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    Associate Broker

    Brand Ignition 28 Mona Lisa Court Hamilton ON L9B 0C5

    Phone: (905) 870-8633


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    Associate Broker

    Lexsam Prestige Canada Inc. Suite 200-11800, 54 E Avenue, Montreal, QC, H1E 2J3

    Phone: 514.323.7440

    Fax: 514.323.1419


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    Maritimes Region

    Associate Broker

    Ronahan Food Brokers Suite 55 10 Akerley Blvd. Darmouth, NS, B3B 1J4

    Phone: 902.468.6111

    Fax: 902.468.6113


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