Started in 1969 as Canada's first strictly food service brokerage house, IPS has been an industry leader ever since.

We are well known for our integrity, stability and high standards of professionalism.

Principals | Non-Foods Division

International Pacific Sales is proud to represent the following principals

  • Eco Burner

    Eco Burner Chafo a new way to heat chafing dishes
  • EcoSafeĀ® Zero Waste

    Suppliers of recycle bins and compostable bags
  • Fi-Fo Dot Enterprises

    Stock Rotation Label system, First Aid and Safety kits; FIFO Bottles & PanSaver Pan liners

    packaging containers for food -makes food look great.
  • 3M Canada Company

    Recogonized as a leader in cleaning hand tools for over 40 years.