Both our management and sales force have many people with 'back of house' experience in all aspects of the Foodservice Industry

Principals | Foodservice

International Pacific Sales is proud to represent the following principals

  • Ardent Mills

    Ardent Mills-delivers a reliable, cost-effective and high-quality supply of flour, oats and bakery products to foodservice and industrial customers in Canada.

    Robin Hood

    High quality consistent product including Flour, Rye & Oats

    Azuma 'fusions Asian[East] culture with Western food culture creating unique dishes.
  • Burnbrae Farms Ltd.

    Highest quality liquid, hard cooked and pre-cooked egg products
  • Canada Dry Mott's Inc.

    The third largest refreshment beverage business in North America
  • Heritage Frozen Foods

    "Cheemo" Brand Perogy, Cabbage Rolls and Tri-Bites.
  • InnovAsian Cuisine®

    InnovAsian Cuisine® offers you a convenient speed-scratch solution to satisfy your patrons’ demand for Asian cuisine
  • Kerry Food & Beverage

    Da Vinci Premium Syrups and Flavours for Lattes, Granita's Syrup, Smoothies, Iced Cappuccino, Chai Tea. Golden Dipt Batters and Breadings.

    Island Originals

    Innovative frozen and shelfstable beverage solutions
  • Litehouse Inc.

    Dressings, Dips and Sauces
  • Made Good

    Made Good granola bars and minis are Organic, gluten free, Non-GMO snacks packed with nutrition and flavor.
  • Mark-Crest Ltd.

    Fine pastry products, pastry shells and tops, shortflake or European dough, puff pastry, patty shells and crepes.

    Makers of 'The Extreme Bean' jarred pickled beans.
  • Nana's Kitchen & Hot Sauce Ltd.

    Convenient comfort foods with a global taste.
  • Neil Jones Food Company

    San Benito, Old California and Tomatek canned and pouch tomatoes, tomato paste and puree and canned fruit.
  • Original Cakerie Ltd.

    Delicious cakes, sheetcakes and dessert specialties with a homemade taste, catering to foodservice formats.


    Lawler Foods is a manufacturer of gourmet cheesecakes and cakes that are used in restaurants, hotels and other fine foodservice establishments around the world.
  • Pace Processing

    Traditional Baked Goods using only the finest ingredients.
  • Paradise Island

    Paradise Island - An extensive line of quality cheeses-dairy, non-dairy and alternative, frozen retail, import and specialty foods.
  • Paradise Marketing Inc.

    Par-Way Tryson - Non-Stick Pansprays / Stash Teas - Flavoured Teas
  • Smuckers Foods of Canada Co.

    Delicious portioned jams and accompaniments.
  • Troika Foods

    Manufacturers of handmade cabbage rolls, and Pasta Time pasta and sauces.
  • Weston's

    Frozen Dough's, Pre-proofed Breads, Muffin Batters, Danish, Donuts & Finished Cakes-Croutons, tortillas, ABG -gluten free products, Ace Bakery- rustic breads