Our Culinary Center is considered one of the best in Canada. It is dedicated to 'Thought for Food' and is the centerpiece of our Presentation of our Principal's Products to our Customers.

Principals | Grocery/Retail

International Pacific Sales is proud to represent the following principals


    Azuma 'fusions Asian[East] culture with Western food culture creating unique dishes.
  • Calavo Growers

    The brand that is recognized and respected for the finest avacados in the world.
  • Derlea Brand Foods

    Supplers of fresh garlic, ginger sundried tomato products.
  • Mark-Crest Ltd.

    Fine pastry products, pastry shells and tops, shortflake or European dough, puff pastry, patty shells and crepes.
  • Nana's Kitchen & Hot Sauce Ltd.

    Convenient comfort foods with a global taste.
  • The Original Cakerie

    Delicious cakes, sheetcakes and dessert specialties with a homemade taste.
  • Troika Foods

    Manufactures handmade Troika brand cabbage rolls and Pasta Time branded pasta and pasta sauces