IPS has traditionally had a larger sales force than our competitors. This is still very much the case and our coverage is comprehensive and thorough right across Western Canada.

Principals | Grocery/Retail

International Pacific Sales is proud to represent the following principals


    Azuma 'fusions Asian[East] culture with Western food culture creating unique dishes.
  • Calavo Growers

    The brand that is recognized and respected for the finest avacados in the world.
  • Derlea Brand Foods

    Supplers of fresh garlic, ginger sundried tomato products.
  • Freshouse Foods

    Freshouse Foods produce healthy, customized and convenient protein meal solutions.
  • Idahoan Foods

    Idahoan Foods will continue to bring you Homemade Taste-Every Time.
  • Mark-Crest Ltd.

    Fine pastry products, pastry shells and tops, shortflake or European dough, puff pastry, patty shells and crepes.
  • Nana's Kitchen & Hot Sauce Ltd.

    Convenient comfort foods with a global taste.
  • The Original Cakerie

    Delicious cakes, sheetcakes and dessert specialties with a homemade taste.
  • Troika Foods

    Manufactures handmade Troika brand cabbage rolls and Pasta Time branded pasta and pasta sauces